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Starting a Bible college was the last thing Andrew Wommack ever thought he would do. After years of obstacles and setbacks, Andrew gathered together a great teaching staff that shared his vision, and Charis Bible College (originally Colorado Bible College) opened in 1994, graduating its first class of 33 in 1996.

Since then, schools have been started in Russia, Northern Ireland, Belize, India, The Netherlands, South Africa, Argentina, Switzerland, and Poland. Some are called to pastor, some to evangelize, some to prophesy, but we are ALL, as believers, called to go forth and make disciples! We ingrain this principle in the minds of our students through engaging curriculum, and Christ-centered teaching. These principles paired with top-of-the-line instructors, guarantee you an inspiring, and life changing experience at Charis.


Charis Bible College is on a mission to share the Gospel around the world, and thoroughly train ministers to go to the uttermost parts of the earth. Our on-campus learning options include 2 to 3 years of ministry training at more than 50 school locations around the globe. Your college experience starts here!


Do your career or family obligations need to be fulfilled, yet you have a deep desire to gain a deeper understanding of the Word? Do you want to grow in your relationship with the Lord, but attending Bible college seems impossible? Charis Hybrid Courses are for YOU! You’ll study courses from the convenience of home, and join your fellow classmates in person.


Charis Distance Education allows you to enroll in the same courses taught by the same instructors as experienced at the main campus in Colorado without relocating! New terms start approximately every 6-8 weeks. You can take as few or as many courses as you like each term.



At Charis Bible College, not only will you receive hands on ministerial training in a Spirit-filled atmosphere, you will be EQUIPPED for the work of ministry by learning spiritual truths, biblical knowledge, all while receiving practical ministry opportunities, and grounding them in the message of God’s unconditional love and grace.

Our heart is to equip you for the work of ministry, while training you to go out and share the Gospel with the rest of the world in the way God has uniquely called each individual to do it. Your commitment to a life of ministry begins here!

“Your time at Charis will plant seeds in you that will reap an eternal harvest in this life now and the one to come.”

— Monique, Texas


Charis Bible College has locations around the world offering the same, amazing biblical teaching in every school! All campuses use the same Charis foundational curriculum taught in Colorado. First, Second and Third Year program availability may vary by location, so please check individual campuses for details.

For more information concerning local and international campuses, please visit,